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Extruded Tubular Net

Extruded Tubular Net

Our  company offers a wide range of extruded nets to be utilized for packaging fruit and vegetable products with automatic machines by vertical filling.  All our products is compatible on all machines and working properly. It is economic, resistant and easy to apply. They are supplied in rolls, all available in different sizes, diameters and meshes.

The model “Dpack Net”, which is an extruded tubular net, is sold in rolls of 600 mts,between diameter of 250 – 270-300 mm width.

All the models are available in various colours and are manufactured with recyclable materials that are suitable for food contact, according to the provision of law of European Union in force.

Punnet Net & Garlic Net

The net may be used for packaging directly or to protect larger or smaller quantities of prepackaged fruit and vegetables. This net provides excellent protection for fruit and vegetables, such as apricots,, kiwis, tomatoes, cherries and carrots, contained in  cases or smaller plastic punnets.

For certain kinds of vegetables, such as garlic, a special kind of net is used, with an adjusted diameter and elasticity suitable for packaging this type of vegetable.